Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Our cake toppers

I'll be the first to admit that I frequented wedding blogs for years before getting married (I've been married for 5 weeks, so that's an understatement.) First I belonged to a wedding planning community on Live Journal, then I stumbled upon Weddingbee and never looked back. Long before I knew what an inspiration board was, I had folders on my desktop entitled "Someday." I never hid it from A; just like Pinterest is fun for planning your future life, wedding blogs are fun for planning a someday wedding. Looking back at those Someday folders, almost none of the things I originally saved were what we ended up picking for our wedding, it really was just planning for some imaginary event. Awhile back I happened upon some DIY cake toppers that spoke to me immediately. They were handpainted wood "dolls" to look like the bride and groom. Growing up my mom crafted me (we'll probably talk lots more later about my mom's craftiness/overall bad-ass-ness at all things DIY) some gnome dolls using the exact same wood dolls as the starting point. So when Christmas 2011 rolled around, I asked her for a few sets of the dolls, paint, and brushes.

Here's the end result in my apartment just after finishing them (all except for painting the smiles, that part made me really nervous and I waited until the last minute to do that):

We're still waiting on our professional pictures, but here's a picture our DJ, Michael Kane, posted on his Facebook recapping our wedding day: 
You can find Michael Kane on Facebook here:
Or you can learn more about Silver Sound, the company he works for, here:

I was really pleased with how these little guys came out! They aren't perfect by any means, but I got a lot of enjoyment out of painting them, and I think the imperfections are kind of charming. I certainly won't be opening my own Etsy shop anytime soon, but I've already put some of the leftover dolls to use for another project which I'll post soon.

Dream on!

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