Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Honeymoon - Barbados

Our next stop was Barbados, and we booked a snorkel/beach excursion in the afternoon through Carnival. The Barbados cruise port is a little bit more industrial looking than St. Thomas. There is a mall/shopping center right when you get off, they must have free wi-fi because people were lounging all over the benches crouched over their iPads/phones/laptops. We stopped at a restaurant in the shopping mall for a flying fish sandwich and Banks beer before meeting our excursion in the afternoon. Barbados is also a debarkation point for some passengers; it was funny to watch people with their suitcases and in one case, suitcases + giant flat screen TV box as they waited for their rides/taxis.

When it was time to meet our excursion we went over to the desk and waited to board a bus for a short ride to the catamaran dock. We got on the catamaran and set sail for a spot which typically has a lot of sea turtles. We were amongst the only people on the catamaran to go to the net seats at the front of the boat. It was nice to be able to lie back and enjoy the short ride to the turtles.

When we got to the turtle cove there were several other boats there, so it was definitely kind of crowded. Some of the boats were throwing bait in the water, so we did see some turtles even though there were a ton of snorkelers.  I was glad we purchased a new camera before the trip which doubles as an underwater camera without the need for a special case.

After we were finished snorkeling they pulled the boat up closer to the beach where we spent an hour or so swimming. Some of the catamaran staff brought pitchers of rum punch and cups into the water and handed it out – now that’s service! J I ended up scratching my foot on a sharp rock and stepping on a sea anemone and getting spikes stuck in my foot within a few minutes, but otherwise it was a fun time at the beach.
We headed back to the cruise terminal in the late afternoon, and bought a few souvenirs including a few rum cakes to take back for family and my office, then got back on the ship. We got cleaned up quickly because we had the Chef’s Table dinner that night, something we were both really excited about!

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