Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Wedding detail splurges

Details posts sort of fall into two categories...the dreamed it yourself but paid someone else to do it category, and the did it yourself category. I suppose there might be some things that land in the middle...

At any rate, today's post will cover the paid someone else to do it category. First up is our card box. I lucked out in that we dragged our feet from the dating for a million years to marriage stage until Pinterest was around and got to take advantage of the millions of wedding pins you can find. This awesome cardbox comes with two roofs (rooves? Is there even a plural for a roof, who has more than one?) The roof for the wedding day has a slot for cards, the 'everyday' roof has no such slot. There is a hole in the side in case you want to use this as a real life bird house, but for the hefty price you pay, I don't plan to put ours outside anytime soon. This was a splurge. I loved that you could customize the colors, and the name sign with wedding date.
Now that you've seen how darn cute this birdhouse is, I'll let you know that paying someone else to make your dreams can also have a downside. I ordered our birdhouse card box in April, and it arrived at 3pm the day before the wedding. Now, you may not know me very well yet...but I'm the kind of person who can't sleep on Sunday nights because I have to keep emailing myself updates to my to do list from my phone. This darn thing about drove me mad. The UPS man who delivered it has probably never seen a more excited bunch. We heard the truck coming from down the street and my parents, bridesmaid who was staying with us, and myself starting jumping up and down and cheering. It ended up fine, but if we'd had a destination wedding it probably wouldn't have made it.

Next up is our "guest book." Let me start by saying I don't really understand guestbooks. I never know what to write in them. Do people look at their guest books after the wedding day? What does one do with a traditional guest book? Another thing you might not know about me is that I was raised Quaker. Now you probably have some questions. Yes - we had electricity and no - we didn't eat much oatmeal. Quakers are not Amish, contrary to popular belief. Anywho, Quakers do not have priests/ministers/pastors, so when Quakers get married, it is considered a self-uniting marriage. Not all states have this, but Pennsylvania does. All of the guests then sign on as witnesses, as attendees at the wedding they are agreeing to support the couple in their marriage. Thus enters the Quaker marriage certificate. My parents' certificate was hanging up in our house growing up. We didn't get married in a self-uniting ceremony, but I thought this would be a great way to bring some of my family's history into our wedding day. I found a seller on Etsy who worked with us to create the beauty below.
Purty, right? Well, one word of advice is to assign someone to man the table where people sign in, at least for the cocktail hour. Unfortunately we had someone write some joke names (Sharon Ma Balls and Richard Nibbler) on our certificate. I was pretty irritated that someone would do that...unlike a traditional guestbook, this will be on display in our home (and there was a sign explaining the significance next to it.) You don't notice unless you read through all the names, but kinda crappy nonetheless.

I'll end today's post with our cake. There is a delicious bakery near my parents' house, and I knew from the start that this would be another splurge. Their cake is to die for. We picked chocolate cake with mocha mousse for one layer and yellow cake with lemon curd for the smaller layers. It was a hit, and the fern/leaf decorations are pretty great too, right? We ended up going with fondant, and either this bakery really knows what they're doing, or people's hatred of fondant it a little overblown, because it was entirely edible and tasty. The little tree slice on the left was a mis-order - it was about half the size that the website said it would be. When I talked to their customer service they said they can't guarantee size because it's a natural product...which left me scratching my head because they have a few different sizes you can order. Luckily, being that I'm an over planner (see above note about Sunday nights), I'd asked my parents to find me a big slice of tree earlier in the spring, which my mom patiently sanded down until it had a smooth top.

Be back soon with some actual DIY projects!

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