Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wedding Detail Posts

Ok, so working in backwards order I've recapped our honeymoon, it seems only logical that I recap some of our wedding details. We planned our wedding over about 16 months (let's be real, the first few months of our engagement were just brainstorming and there was a lull in the middle when we were tired of planning.) We also planned long-distance, from about 1500 miles away. Luckily both sets of parents live less than 3 miles from the venue, which was handy for all of the things we were ordering and having delivered. I was really lucky that A. was pretty involved in the planning.

Our reception was held at a restored hilltop mansion on a local college campus. Neither of us attended the college, but A's dad works there and got us the hook up. The property backs up to the woods, so it wasn't far-fetched to adopt a woodsy tone for our decorations. Think ferns, wood, and greens with touches of purple and white/cream/ivory.

Over the next few posts I'll document the little details and the DIY projects we completed. Many of those projects ended up being boxed up and sent via U.S. Postal Service two weeks before the wedding - 100+ tissue paper flower napkin rings in a box, a very light, very big box. I wised up after fluffing 20 or so flowers and just assembled them, to be fluffed upon arrival the week before the wedding. There are lots of great pictures of our guests throughout the night with the napkin rings repurposed as corsages, boutonnieres, hair flowers, and in my Dad's case - ears.

Some other projects I saved for trips home and the week leading up to the wedding. I'm proud to say that by Wednesday of "wedding week" almost all of my projects were completed.

Stay tuned for the first Wedding posts!

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