Monday, May 20, 2013

Wedding DIY

So now that you've seen some of our splurges, tonight I'm talking about some of the more budget friendly DIY projects from our wedding.

Cocktail hour decorations
I mentioned in my last posts that our wedding incorporated a lot of ferns - so it's probably not a huge surprise that terrariums are right up my alley. In the year leading up to the wedding my parents helped me collect and house a collection of glass jars of various sizes/shapes. The last weekend we were able to visit before the wedding was Memorial Day 2012, and a full morning was spent picking and buying terrarium plants, laying out all the supplies on the front porch, and assembling the terrariums (what's the plural of terrarium?) By July, some of the plants had died, while others were flourishing, so there was some tweaking the week before the wedding. The terrariums were displayed on the high top tables and fireplace mantel in the cocktail hour/bar area.
This terrarium is looking a little foggy. We had round tops custom cut at our local hardware store.
The terrariums were a fun gift to give to my friends at the end of the night. We obviously couldn't transport them back to Texas with us. Fun fact: my Dad has been totally turned on to terrarium making now! Actually, my grandfather had a moss terrarium in an old square fish tank back in the day, so I guess it runs in the family.

Ok. I'll be honest with you - in the beginning of our planning I had little to no inspiration for favors. I just couldn't come up with the perfect thing. It finally clicked at some point the Spring before the wedding. I've mentioned before that while our families are in Philly and our wedding was back east, we're currently living in Texas. We wanted to bring a little bit of Texas to our guests. So, we bulk ordered 15 pounds of barbecue spice rub online and had it shipped to Philadelphia. We also ordered small business cards from with one of our engagement pictures on one side and a little note thanking our guests for coming on the other. I punched heart shaped holes in the corners while watching TV one day in early summer - definitely ended up bruising my palm from the repetitive motion of punching. Upon arriving in Philadelphia the week before the wedding, I put my parents to work, helping me take the tops off of glass jars, wash jars and lids, put lids back on and then filling the jars. After they were filled, I tied a little card on each with bakers twine which I ordered from Etsy. We ordered the spice rub before all of our RSVPs came in, so we ended up with an almost full 5 pound plastic jug of spice rub at the end - which was a perfect Christmas gift for my husband's brother-in-law.
In this picture you can also see a close up of the purple tissue paper flower napkin rings I made.

Lots of our guests wrote us after the wedding to tell us how they'd used the rub, and to find out what brand it was and where they could order some. We were really pleased with this idea, like I said above, we'd wanted to tie our current home into our wedding in some way. If you ask my father-in-law, we went above and beyond by picking a country song for our first dance. In his speech he said he was losing hope we'd ever move back after hearing that.

Cake topper
You might have already seen our cake toppers, but they were one of the DIY projects I was most excited about. I'd seen the wooden doll cake toppers on Etsy, but the prices were a little steep, so I thought I'd try my hand at them myself.
Table numbers
The last DIY project I'll tell you about today are our table numbers. The holders came from a shop on Etsy, and ended up matching really well with the birch bark vases that our florist used. I typed up the numbers on PowerPoint (not sure why, I use PowerPoint a lot for projects like this..I know there are much better programs.) Then I printed them on kraft cardstock, stamped holes with a design I picked up at Michael's and used double sided tape to attach them to larger purple cardstock.
Okay, one last picture - here's a picture of one of the reception dinner tables, so you can see everything all together:
Catch you back here soon!

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