Thursday, June 13, 2013

(Almost) Moving Day!

We finally get to move into our apartment tomorrow - we've been in a hotel for the past 12 days and it's hard to feel settled when your whole life is in one room - even though it's a really nice room with a kitchenette and sitting area. Can't wait to start exploring our new neighborhood and get unpacked.

On the plus side, as long as we were in a hotel, A's company was paying for our dinners, so we've been having a fun time exploring lots of Charlotte's restaurants...and our pants still fit, amazingly! So far we've enjoyed: Portofino's, Cowfish, The Liberty, Mr. K's Soft Serve (only the ice cream, we stopped in after our dinner at the Liberty,) Pio Pio, the Terrace Cafe, Doan Vietnamese, Rooster's, Maverick Rock Taco, Dragon Fly Chinese (their egg rolls have the "right" wrappers! We've been missing the bumpy/chewy egg roll wrappers as long as we were in Texas - they have the thin, crispy-skinned rolls there.) There are a few more places on our list that we won't make it to, but those will be fun to explore in the next few weeks/months.

Also, we're BEYOND excited that Chuy's is opening up near the SouthPark Mall - we LOVE Chuy's, had one really close to our apartment in Texas, and are so glad that starting later this month we'll be able to fill our creamy jalapeno cravings here in Charlotte!

More updates after we're moved in and slightly unpacked...I'm starting to worry about what to do with all the boxes we'll be emptying!

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