Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Halfway-ish there...

Sheesh - moving is exhausting! We spent most of the weekend unpacking boxes, and we still have a bunch to go. We concentrated mostly on the master bedroom/bathroom/closet, living & dining area and kitchen, so the guest bedroom/office and guest bathroom are still a mess. I've already made two trips to Target, two trips to Harris Teeter, a trip to Trader Joe's and still keep coming up with tons of stuff I forgot to buy. During our unpacking, we made sure to take breaks to explore our new neighborhood; enjoying a long walk on Saturday morning with bagels, coffee, and a stop at the local farmers market. We got quite a haul for only $12.31 - tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, bell pepper, onion, peaches, corn - luckily it was towards the end of our walk, cuz those bags were heavy!

It is so strange to look in the fridge and cabinets and feel like I'm in someone else's kitchen - all different brands, bottles, etc. I've been having fun making use of our produce - made my family's zucchini mock crab cakes for lunch (recipe to come) and quinoa/spinach patties with poached eggs (my first attempt at poaching eggs myself and it was a near disaster...now I have a project - perfect poaching.)

Once we're all unpacked I'll post pictures of the apartment, but for now I'm happy to report that we got a great rug at a GREAT price last week - Rugs USA was having a 65% off sale, so we got a 6x9 ft rug for the living room for under $200. The shipping took about a week, which was perfect since I ordered it while we were still "homeless." I'll definitely keep them bookmarked for any future rug purchases (and probably wait for another serious sale like last week's!)

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