Thursday, June 6, 2013

Holed up

Hotel living...not sure if I mentioned in an earlier post, but we are staying in a hotel in Charlotte for two weeks until our apartment is ready and our furniture arrives from Texas. Being in the hotel makes it hard to feel settled in our new city. We are doing our best to get out and explore, but it just won't feel real until we're moved into the apartment and getting to know our new neighborhood. This weekend we're planning to go to the Taste of Charlotte festival in Uptown, which should be a great way to get to know some more local eateries.

I'm missing the Central time zone! I loved being able to watch things an hour earlier, and it was always convenient when I was bored to be able to call my parents without interrupting their dinner time. Never thought I'd feel that way, as I used to find it ridiculous that some of my favorite TV shows started at 7pm.

One nice thing about the hotel is that we're so bored that we're using the gym! I've probably worked out more in the past week than in the 3 years prior...sad but true! Hopefully that will carry over when we're in our apartment which also has a free fitness center. Without a job I am hoping to get into a fairly regular exercise schedule. The problem with my job in Texas was that my schedule was SO weird, and the days I was in the office involved at least 3 hours in the car with the long distance and horrible traffic at rush hour.

Luckily the hotel we're staying at is set up for extended stays, our room has a microwave, dishes and silverware, dishwasher, kitchen sink, and 3/4 size fridge as well as a big desk area. We made a trip to the grocery store and the huge farmers market so we have plenty of snacks and meals between the free breakfast and the dinners out.

I know we'll both be glad to settle into the apartment next Friday!

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