Friday, June 7, 2013

On packing it in and and moving on…

Okay, I promise this blog won’t always be lists of things I’m excited for or sad to leave with this move, but it’s just what’s on my mind at the moment. 

Today I’m thinking a lot about the various moves I’ve made. I grew up in Philadelphia, and lived there my entire childhood – well in two different houses, but even when we moved when I was 6, it was only about 5 blocks away from the old house. The first big “move” I made was to attend college in Massachusetts – this one was fairly straight forward – there was a definite beginning and end date, and a lot of my stuff remained in my childhood bedroom. I spent 5 years in Massachusetts, for undergrad and grad school, but spent most of my summers in Philadelphia. 

While I was in grad school, my now-husband-then-boyfriend (also from Philadelphia) moved to Cleveland for an 8 month training program with his company. We both figured that after his training he’d be moved somewhere on the East Coast and start working and that I’d join him after graduating…When I attended the family visit day in Cleveland and one of the higher-ups at the company said that they are careful with their moves and don’t put people in places that are totally unfamiliar and out of their comfort zone, I was feeling even more sure of this plan…imagine my surprise when the list of possible territories came out around Christmas and there was NOTHING east of the Mississippi River. If I remember correctly, the options included Anaheim, Los Angeles, Tulsa, Moline (that’s in Illinois, I didn’t know where it was either…and it actually might be east of the Mississippi River, but that didn’t really help matters where Moline was concerned), Seattle or Portland, St. Louis, and Houston. None of these places tickled my fancy. None of them were in the “comfort zone” I thought we’d been promised. Fast forward two months and we find out we were going to Houston! Cue tears…lots of them. Lucky for me, my best friend since middle school and my best friend from college just happened to both be there when I came out into the common room of our suite and turned into a blubbering mess. I eventually stopped crying and realized this was really happening, but first I went back to Philadelphia for the summer, to enjoy my last summer of absolutely no adult responsibilities. 

In August of 2009, my mom and I packed up my trusty Camry and made the trip from Philadelphia to Houston, making stops in Norfolk, VA, Chattanooga, TN, and New Orleans on the way. I had my wisdom teeth out a week before the road trip and my stitches out the morning we left, so I’m sure I was a real joy to be around for those 4 days. I moved to Texas with no job, and really no prospect of a job, but I found one within about 6 weeks of moving, and worked there until 3 days before we moved to Charlotte.

Sometime in Winter 2010/2011, we were having breakfast at one of our favorite spots and started talking about what the future might hold…or really, what our exit strategy was. It astonished me that it had been so “easy” to move to Texas and that it was proving to be much harder to actually move back closer to home…no it wasn’t emotionally/psychologically easy, but there was nothing holding us back to keep us from moving to Texas…whereas now we both had jobs, and were becoming established in our respective careers. Almost all of our friends from college and many from high school had settled in Boston, but it really seemed like it would be impossible for us to end up there (which is okay, after 5 New England winters I know that I’m not cut out for that.) How could that be though?! All of our family and everything familiar was in the Northeast, but here we were, doing pretty darn well in Texas, and not wanting to completely uproot ourselves without some really good reason. At that breakfast, we set a goal move date of December 2012. Clearly now it took us a little bit longer than that, but within 6 months of our goal, here we are. We had to champion our cause, seek out my husband’s job opportunity that brings us here to Charlotte. 

And here we are, 4 years later. Again I find myself moving without a job, or even a prospect of a job…but you know what…that’s okay. I have faith that things will work out here as they did in Texas…and we’re pretty excited to start putting down some new roots. And I’m pretty excited to have “summer break” and to do some exploring in our new city.

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