Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Spill About Your Love link up

Today I'm linking up with A. Liz Adventures to spill about my love. You can link up and spill about your love at the link below!
{1} Describe your dating life prior to finding your husband.
We started dating right after high school, so my prior dating life was not that extensive - mostly summer flings. A funny story is that my husband asked me to our junior prom and I turned him down - eek! Over the next year we became great friends and luckily for me, he was persistent and asked again senior year, I said "yes" this time, and the rest, as they say, is history.  We just passed the 9 year mark.
Prom picture from 2004 - we look like babies!
Summer 2006 at the Jersey Shore.
{2} Describe your husband in one word. How would he describe you in one word?
Hard-working. Since we've moved, he's been working from home a lot, and I'm always amazed to hear him in action...though he might wear the floors bare because he also paces when he's on the phone :)  He'd probably say that I'm caring (or crafty, or crazy. Something with a "c.")

{3} You had a really silly fight. Embarrassing silly. What was it about?
Almost all of our fights are about silly things. One of our more epic fights was in IKEA about 4 years ago, and started from something really stupid like me filling the cart with way too much stuff and he asked how I planned to get it all home. Rather than yell, we typically go silent for a while and then work it out. Besides that, we were long distance for 5 years, so all the little silly miscommunications that go along with that led to most of our other fights.

{4} In three sentences (and only three!), describe where you both hope to be in 5 years.
 I hope that we'll be parents. I hope that we will have a house to call our own. I hope that we'll both feel fulfilled in and rewarded by whatever jobs we're in.

{5} Tell us something about your husband we wouldn't know from reading your blog.
I haven't been blogging long, so there's lots you don't know about him, but he's fantastic with kids. He worked as a summer camp counselor for years and had those kids tying their own shoes and not throwing temper tantrums within a few weeks of meeting them. He also coached a baseball team with a former coworker for 3 years and was great at that, too!

{6} What's one thing you never thought you'd do in front of your husband/boyfriend/fiance, but you did?
The obvious would be some bodily function, but I can't come up with a specific example right now...
One of my favorite engagement pictures - we used this picture for our save the dates cards.
A favorite picture from our wedding ceremony - you can't see much of my face, but we have some great pictures of these "little looks" during the ceremony.



  1. Ya'll are too cute! Welcome to the Queen City. :) Do you know about The Charlotte Social? It's a group specifically for Charlotte bloggers! The button is on my sidebar if you want to check it out. There are monthly meet-ups!

    If I had a nickel for every fight that has started in Ikea, I bet I'd be a rich woman!

    1. Thanks April! Yes, I joined The Charlotte Social and look forward to attending a future meet-up, unfortunately I'll be away for the one in June.

      Luckily, our most recent trip to Ikea last week was very pleasant...although I was still tempted to stuff too much in the cart.