Monday, July 22, 2013

1 year

This weekend we celebrated our first wedding anniversary. The actual day was Sunday, the 21st, but we stretched the celebration throughout the weekend. Friday night we ate at Mama Ricotta's - and now I'm obsessed with finding a great recipe for penne a la vodka, or just vodka sauce in general - theirs was amazing! On Saturday night we went to 5Church in Uptown to enjoy their Restaurant Week menu. We arrived a little early and had drinks at the bar - A. had the New Fashioned and I had the 5Church which is basically a lychee martini. Delicious! The food was great - and I'm sure we'll be back when it's not Restaurant Week. I had the pork belly and wasabi-crusted salmon, A. had the tomato soup and hangar steak.

B&W cuz the red eye was out of control.
 I wore my wedding shoes :)

After dinner we rented a few movies from Redbox and I tried my hardest to like a dirty martini. I think I'm halfway there.

Sunday we ran some errands and then made gnocchi from scratch for the first time for dinner. I was a little skeptical but the end result was almost restaurant quality. We made it with a parmesan cream sauce with shrimp and peas.

Gnocchi, pre being shaped and boiled.
We cut up the top tier of our wedding cake - which was shockingly still delicious. It spent 11 months in my parents' freezer, and then we packed it up in a cooler and drove it back to Charlotte after the 4th of July. The top tier is a yellow lemon curd cake, the bottom tier which we cut last July 21st was chocolate with mocha mousse. It was definitely a little worse for the wear in terms of looks, but after peeling back the fondant layer, it was unscathed. 
My parents wrapped the top tier in plastic wrap, aluminum foil, and 3 Ziploc bags. I took it out of the freezer mid-day Saturday, removed all the wrapping and put it in the fridge until Sunday around noon, when we put it on the kitchen counter until dinnertime.

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