Tuesday, July 30, 2013

DIY Disaster Averted

Awhile back I saw a great pin on Pinterest that uses a cut up wedding invitation to make a cute, personalized ornament. After our wedding, I found a plastic, fillable ornament at Michaels, cut our invitation into shreds, along with some shreds of paper in our wedding colors, and filled the ornament. I can 't show it to you now because it's packed away in with our Christmas decorations, but I recently made another (well really a variation on the theme) for a wedding we attended.

A month or so ago I was at Hobby Lobby and saw that they have bulk packs (I think 12) of fillable plastic ornaments....I didn't buy them - argh. I figured Michaels would have them too, but when I went they said they don't carry them year-round. So, note to self, stock up at Hobby Lobby. I ended up settling for a paper mache ball ornament and figured I could cut the invitation into shreds and decoupage it. This way is definitely NOT preferable, and I probably won't do it again, but I think in the end it came out pretty well. We have a few more weddings coming up this year, and I'm planning to go the route of the plastic ornament for those. I'm even more excited because one of the brides mentioned that they don't even have a copy of their invitation because they printed exactly the number they needed. You may not want to give the gift at the wedding, if you need the invitation for directions etc, but the wedding we recently attended we were flying in and hitching a ride with friends, so we didn't need to know any of the details.

This collage version had me nervous for a few days, because it looked TERRIBLE until it had about 5 layers of hard coat Modge Podge. I'm still not really sold on it, but I wasn't embarrassed to give it to the couple after it had been Modge Podged (yup, that's a verb.) I think you'll be really impressed with my McGuyver drying technique...

Step One: Assemble necessary supplies, tear or cut invitation into small pieces. Not shown is the heavy duty wood glue that I ended up needing to use to get the pieces to stick on the round ball.

Woof - about to throw in the towel at this point.

A round ornament with corners?

After one layer of hard coat Modge Podge

Yup, using a store hanger with clips to dry this bad boy in the guest room shower.

Not my proudest DIY project, but definitely more acceptable now that it's roundish.

Not terrible. Used the little raffia tie that held their invitation together. Little details.
As I said, this is definitely not my best DIY work, but I don't THINK it will be featured on a Pinterest fail blog. If I'd stopped before the many layers of hard coat - yes. Do you ever have moments of panic in the middle of a DIY project where you almost abandon hope and walk away? I'll be heading to Hobby Lobby to stock up before the next wedding we have to attend.

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