Friday, July 19, 2013

Five on Friday

Happy Friday! This is an exciting week/weekend - so I'm excited to link up and share my Five on Friday!

1. Sunday is our 1 year wedding anniversary! We'll be defrosting the top tier of our cake and toasting to many more years! At this time last year we were in a tizzy trying to get everything finished and welcoming our out of town guests. So much has happened since July 21, 2012 - a promotion for my husband, leaving my job, and packing up and driving 1,000 miles from Houston to Charlotte. Hopefully this next year is a little bit less crazy, and we can continue to settle into our "new normal."

2. Queen's Feast - Charlotte Restaurant Week - I'm so excited to try some new restaurants this week during Charlotte Restaurant Week. We have reservations at three places, including 5Church for our anniversary. I've heard good things...

3. Farmer's Market Bouquets - got this beauty for 5 bucks at the Farmer's Market on Wednesday. One of the things I loved about Charlotte when we came to visit before moving was that you can get lovely fresh flower bouquets on many corners in Uptown. My poor phone camera is struggling recently. My phone was dying at 50% battery power until I dropped it on the floor a few weeks ago, which seems to have helped the battery, but not the camera.

4. Had a great visit with my parents - it was so much fun to show them around our new city. They left this morning and I'm feeling a little sad. Luckily, we have some upcoming weekend trips and weddings to attend so we won't be without friends and family from "home" for long.

5. In a previous post on wedding details I showed y'all our card box - here. My parents brought the card box down from Philly, where it's been since the wedding. It's now displayed in our living room and I love having it here! If you read my prior post, you'll see that this card box gave me some serious wedding week anxiety, it arrived around 2:30PM the Friday (aka day before) the wedding - so around this time last year I was jumping for joy that it actually arrived!


  1. What a great idea displaying the card box in your home!

    1. Thanks! It's meant to be a birdhouse, but it's just too pretty to put outside!