Friday, July 12, 2013

Five on Friday

Here are 5 things I'm loving lately! Linking up with Five on Friday.

1. Greenaid Seedbombs: I don't know about you, but I get so many daily deals in my inbox that it's hard to keep up. But this week I found a deal on Groupon that I was quick to buy - a Greenaid Seedbomb pack. The pack comes with 10 seed bombs (little balls of compost, dirt, and seeds), a bandana, and a sling shot. Greenaid encourages "guerilla" greening of forgotten corners of cities. I can just imagine people decked out in their bandanas slinging seeds around in empty parking lots and abandoned lots. I bought the pack and plan to send it to a friend whose birthday is coming up. I LOVE when you see something and immediately think of someone who needs to have it. Even better is that Greenaid seems like an awesome company to support, not only do they encourage beautifying cities, they also employ formerly homeless men and women in Los Angeles. Check out their website here: or if you get Groupon, they are currently featured under the Groupon Goods section.

2. Peaches! I bought the most delicious peaches at the farmers market earlier this week. Everytime I walk past the fruit bowl in my kitchen, my mouth waters.

3. Adding some wonderful personal touches to our new place. I'll blog about some of my projects next week. I'm loving all the little nods to great family memories that we've got hanging on our walls. I'm definitely not settled in and feeling at home in our new city yet, so it's nice to have some reminders of home to help me along. So that this isn't a photo-less post, here's a preview - framed recipe cards of some favorite family recipes:

4. The Influenster SunKissed VoxBox. Who doesn't love getting free stuff? I received my box a few days ago and have been trying out the products. So far I like the Olay BB cream and Dr. Scholls In-Soles. I'm not wild about the nail polish color that was included - but it definitely piqued my interest in terms of checking out their other colors - so I guess it worked.

5. Empty boxes. FINALLY we are about 95% unpacked. We still have a few days before my parents roll into town, so we'll be spending some time this weekend putting finishing touches on our guestroom/office.

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