Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What to do with all these stubs?

Not sure how many of you had shoeboxes in your closet in high school with mementos like concert tickets, movie stubs, napkins, etc. Did you have a separate box for each new crush? If you say no, then I guess I was just a lonely loser, but I bet I'm not alone. When my husband and I started dating, we went to a lot of movies and played a lot of mini golf. What else are you supposed to do when you're 18? Well, I started saving the ticket stubs, and after 9 years I've got an impressive pile of stubs, tickets, and other mementos. I don't have the tickets from every movie we've ever been to - for instance I don't have the tickets from our first real date, to see Shrek 2. Looking back at the stubs, I realize we have seriously childish movie taste - we've been to pretty much every Pixar/Dreamworks movie in the past 9 years.

For years, the tickets just sat in a big envelope - but soon after discovering Pinterest, I found a great way to display these souvenirs from our relationship - a shadow box. For fun, I laid out the stubs by year, starting in 2004. I also included tickets and brochures from some of my other favorite things we've done together.
Here are the stubs laid out by year. I've lost a bunch of the earlier ones.
Here's the work in progress.
I got the shadowbox at Michael's last spring/summer on sale. It has a magnet to hold the frame closed, and there's an opening (not necessarily intentional) at the top that movie ticket stubs fit through perfectly, so I can just add as we go.

It's so nice to have these memories out of an envelope/box in the closet and on display.

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