Friday, August 2, 2013

August 2 Five on Friday

Sorry I'm a little late to the Five on Friday link up game this be honest I was having trouble coming up with 5 things I'm loving this Friday. But, I've now banished my inner Debbie Downer to the corner!


If you've read any of my posts you'll see that I am a newbie to Charlotte, and that I'm currently job-hunting. Those two things together (or separately) can be really isolating. So, earlier this week I joined, found some groups for fellow "new in town" women and RSVPed for a bunch of upcoming events. On Wednesday night I went bowling. It was really nice to walk into a room of people who don't know each other, are looking for girlfriends and get lost driving around on a daily basis. The whole "making friends as an adult" thing is another post for another day, but I'm hoping that attending the occasional Meetup will make me feel like less of  a hermit! Oh, and I bowled very poorly, pretty sure I had one of the lowest (if not THE lowest) score out of 20-25 people.

2. Staying put
We're been on the go a whole lot recently. One week after we moved into our apartment in June, we packed up and were away for two weeks. Then we were back for a week and then entertained my parents in Charlotte for several days. The very next week we flew to Boston to attend a wedding. Needless to say, it's going to be nice to spend the next several weeks in one place!

3. Shockingly quick shipping
Earlier this week, NY&CO was having a crazy good online sale, everything was buy one get one 50% off (jeans were buy one get one 75% off!), plus $100 off a $200 order AND free shipping! All that was well and good, but the most exciting part was when I checked my email and got the shipping confirmation which said it would all arrive on my doorstep THE NEXT DAY! They ship from Greensboro, so it took no time at all to come. See, told you it's the little things this week that lead to excitement.

4. Blueberry something.
Got a pint of blueberries at the farmer's market that are just begging to be turned into something scrumptious. I'm thinking blueberry crisp, or something with a crumbly top...sounds like a really perfect breakfast to me. Does anyone else eat fruit desserts for breakfast?? Just me?

5. Harris Teeter Fresh Foods Market Pita Pockets
These pita breads from Harris Teeter are delicious! They don't remind me of any other pita pocket I've ever had because they're actually horrible if you want a pocket, they don't separate evenly. But, slice 'em in half and toast 'em and they make the perfect sandwich. We toasted them and served with salad and somehow after a minute in the toaster they almost tasted a little buttery. Even better is that you can often get them for $1 off. They've become a staple in our house.

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