Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Trivia Tuesday

It's always fun to let everyone in on your eccentricities and character flaws, right? Here are a few more trivia facts about me.

- I am HORRIBLE at lyrics. This makes it really hard to Google songs I hear when I'm out and about. For instance, in college I thought that the lyrics to David Gray's "This Year's Love" went "this year's love is Adelaide" instead of "this year's love had better last." It kind of became a thing with a few of my friends, this was the stuff of AIM away messages (HAHA WHAT?) and Facebook statuses. Well, then my best friend from home studied abroad in Adelaide, Australia, and was all excited about this song...and it turned out I was (obviously) wrong all along. Go listen to the first 30 seconds and see if you can hear it, too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xqlWbeKcb8

- I can't stand to look at my toes without polish...I haven't had naked, unpolished toes out in public in years. For the past ~5 years I've been using the same color of dark purple Sally Hansen almost exclusively. I'll try other colors and usually end up taking it off and repolishing them in purple within a day or two. I used to have a pink color I used in the summer but it was discontinued and I have yet to find a good stand in.

- There are small things that drive me nuts - for instance the cabinet knobs in our apartment are rectangular, and it drives me bananas when they aren't perfectly straight. We've already decided that in no future house of ours can we have square/rectangular knobs.

- I don't wear yellow. I'm not sure I've ever owned anything yellow. Take that back, I think I had a yellow turtleneck (is that dating myself?) in elementary school that was almost never worn. It totally washes me out.

- I went to summer camp on a farm for 4 years and learned all the farm chores. My favorite chore was morning cows - we learned to milk the cows and bottle feed the babies. I was super shy before I went to camp, and I think I have that experience to thank for becoming much more outgoing and comfortable in situations where I don't know anyone. The camp was really primitive, we swam in a pond, there was no electricity in the bunks, and we took over night trips to a teepee in the woods with an outhouse and no shower...so while most people I knew were off at fancy camps with all kinds of activities, I was chopping firewood, stargazing in a field, driving a tractor, and dodging cowpies.

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