Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Weird Facts Wednesday

Below are some weird facts about me!

- With about 90% (in)accuracy I will put restaurant leftovers in the wrong side of the takeout container. Sometimes it even happens when I check first.

- I (almost) never brush my hair. In fact, I'm terrible at hair, I have about four "styles" in my repertoire for my almost shoulder length hair - low ponytail, high ponytail, blow-dried and straightened, and air-dried. When it's a little bit longer I can manage a few other things, but it's a sad state of affairs for my poor hair. There's a ton of it, but the individual hairs are very fine/sleek, so it's hard to get it to stay in many styles.  Every once in a while when I'm in a rush I'll use my Goody QuikStyle brush to speed up the drying process - I got it free last winter from an Influenster VoxBox, and it definitely does get my hair dry quicker - it has microfiber between the bristles.

- I hate orange juice and anything orange flavored. I don't mind actual oranges, though.

- My very first solid food, yes even before baby cereal, was a pickle. My mom brought me to a conference/workshop and when I got fussy she gave me a pickle to suck on. My love of all things salty continues to this day.

- My husband jokes that I'm either not fully evolved or I'm too evolved - I was diagnosed with scoliosis in 7th grade and the x-rays they took showed I had an extra vertebrae and an extra set of ribs...what?!

- For a few years I tried my hardest to have my own patio/balcony farm. I called it quits after I got a tomato that looked like this:
Yes, it had edges. Yes, they were sharp.
So for now I'm content letting the real farmers grow my produce...but I am really tempted to sign up for a CSA - probably a meat CSA. Charlotte has so many farmers markets that I feel like I can find good, affordable produce practically anywhere.

That's enough trivia for now - a girl can't tell all of her secrets at once!

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