Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What Up With That?! Wednesday

Sometimes it's just fun to whine. Whining, like making everything take a lot of effort (ala the Paul Rudd dishes scene in Wet Hot American Summer: can be super satisfying.

- I really wish that Time Warner Cable and Showtime/CBS could come to an agreement. I'm missing Dexter these past few weeks.

- Dear North Carolina, what's up with your ridiculous taxes on out-of-staters who need NC license plates? I already paid taxes on my car where I bought it! Originally the plan was to wait until we got to NC to get me a new car, but sometimes things don't go according to when my car completely locked up and started smoking while driving back in April and the repairs would have cost more than the car was worth? Yeah...

- I sincerely miss the Central Time Zone. When I moved to Texas, I thought it was crazy that prime time television started at 7pm. Admittedly, I watch some shows that aren't meant for adult consumption (Vampire Diaries?) On bad traffic days, sometimes I barely made it home in time! But, there is also the wonderful fact that award shows, sporting events etc all finished an hour earlier, and you could watch them and still get a full night's sleep. I feel like ever since we came back to the Eastern Time Zone, I'm off my game. I find myself staying up later and later and sleeping in later and later. The whole unemployed thing certainly doesn't help me get up and going early.

Okay, I'm off to put away some dishes..ughhh.

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