Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Blogtember: Day that changed everything

A little bit of back story might help here:

A. and I dated long-distance through college and spent our summers back home in Philly "short distance." After graduation, A. joined a company with an 8 month training program in Ohio, and I stayed in Massachusetts to finish an accelerated Master's program. This way he'd have his placement by the next Spring and I could finish up and join him. That fall I visited over family weekend and got to meet one of the VPs who helps with those placements and he told me "I don't put people out of their comfort zone, I want them to do well." I took that to heart. Then, right around Christmas, the list of possible cities for A's training class came out, and not a single one of them was east of the Mississippi River. Now I know that the VP has no control over where the openings will be, and it's kind of a game of dominoes where when someone moves to a new territory/role, they have to back fill a lot of positions, but I was shocked. We'd still have to wait until mid-February to find out where he'd be. I'm pretty sure I was in denial the entire time. This was definitely not the high point of our relationship. I hadn't decided if I would even move to whatever city he ended up in. Anyway, moving on.

My best friend from Philadelphia happened to be staying with me in Massachusetts for a night while she interviewed at a Vet School nearby when I got the call from A. "Houston," he said. I don't remember exactly what I said, or if I said anything. As soon as we got off the phone I went out into our suite's living room where my best friend from home and one of my suitemates were and instantly broke down crying. I don't think I even got the words out before the tears came, and then I managed "Houston" between sobs.

A. moved to Houston a week later (they don't mess around!) and I went down to visit over my spring break. I demanded a stop to buy cowboy boots immediately after getting off the plane, and then we spent the rest of the weekend furniture shopping - the closest thing to a couch that he had at this point was one lawn chair and an air mattress - oh the "bachelor" life. Although the Houston Rodeo was going on during my first visit, I think we made a wise choice not to go that year - I'm not sure it would have swayed me towards wanting to live in TX. Which is pretty funny because now I'm sad that we'll miss out on next year's rodeo. I moved to Houston in August of that year and now here we are back on the East Coast. Oh, and as for the "comfort zone" thing - yes, there were uncomfortable "you yankee" moments, but A. did really well in TX and that's why we ended up in NC/back east so quickly.

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