Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Blogtember: Favorite Online (Wedding) Shops

For today's post I'm going to share with you some of the online shops I used for our wedding. I haven't been doing a whole lot of online shopping recently, so I think this is the way to go!

Because we were planning long-distance, I did a lot of our shopping online and shipped it to my parents' house. It was always exciting when we were back for a visit to see what had come in.

Marriage Certificate/Guestbook
Danae does incredible things with calligraphy and watercolors. I knew from the start that I wanted a Quaker marriage certificate like the one my parents had hanging in their house. Guests sign on a line and agree to witness your wedding ceremony and to support you in your marriage. We had it matted and framed for Christmas and it's hanging in our bedroom.

From the start I loved the look of a sweetheart neckline dress with a short sleeve alencon lace bolero. I love those alencon lace "eyelashes" on the edges. My dress was pretty simple, so the bolero was the perfect way to add a little something.
Emily at Rohm Bridal on Etsy was fantastic to work with, she even sent samples of the three colors of lace she offered, so I could compare them to my dress and find the perfect match.

Hair flower(s)
One of my favorite planning blogs was (and still is, I just can't quit it!) Weddingbee, and one of the former bee bloggers has opened an Etsy shop of beautiful and affordable hair flowers, among other things. They are beautifully made and Brandi is super responsive to questions. I ended up with two because I was worried that the first one, on a comb wouldn't stay in my very thick but very sleek/slippery hair.
I'm totally obsessed with this mirror and can't find it anywhere. I believe it is a discontinued Ballard Designs piece.

Card box
I've talked about my card box on here a few times before. I love it, and am so glad that it will be on display in our home forever. It is well made and just exactly what I was hoping for. I love that we could customize the colors and some of the accessories. But I still think it's important that I point out that this item was my one stress that was left the week before the wedding. It shipped only a few days before the wedding, and arrived a few hours before the rehearsal dinner.

Table Number Holders
These were pretty simple - just a sliced up birch branch with slits cut to hold my homemade table number cards. I was more enamored by the adorable mental image from the Etsy seller. The family lives in Vermont and has 7 kids who help collect perfect birch branches from the woods surrounding their home.

I loved our favors! We're still hearing from family and friends over a year later how much they loved the spice rub that we gave each of our guests. We really wanted to share something from Texas with our family and friends attending - so we decided to make jars of spice rub. We found a great online company, SuckleBusters, who sells their barbecue cook-off award winning spice rub in bulk.

We also used mini card from as tags on our favors. The quality of the printing was fantastic, they use a thick card stock and the size was perfect. We used one of our more "Texas" engagement pictures (just our cowboy boots) on one side and a "thank you" on the other side. I did bruise my palm punching heart shaped holes in the cards (and actually ended up bending and ruining the hole punch - damn you Martha Stewart!)

I had great luck finding a lot of the little details for our wedding on Etsy and other sites. I loved all of the little personal touches at our wedding.

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