Thursday, September 12, 2013

Blogtember: Time you were scared

I'm going about these posts slightly out of order, but I wanted to share my "scared" story. I was racking my brain trying to come up with some scary situation and I have plenty of near misses with cars etc, but I figured you might as well get a laugh out of it, too.

Over winter break my freshman year of college I was home in Philly along with most of my girlfriends from high school. There's not a whole lot for 18 year olds who are getting used to college life to do back in your hometown, so we decided one day that we'd go to the Philadelphia Zoo. We went on a slow day, there was hardly anyone around, I think it was a weekday after most students had gone back to school (man I miss those month-long college winter breaks!), so we didn't really have to fight the crowds.

Eventually we made it to the petting zoo and it was totally deserted except for us. We put some coins in the feed machine and made our way around, visiting the sheep, goats, etc. Finally we made it to the donkey enclosure and I held out my hand to feed the donkey some pellets. Well, turns out this was a carnivorous donkey, because along with the feed, he also chomped down on my finger! I was pulling my hand and trying to get my index finger out of his mouth, but that just made him bite down harder. I yelled out for my friends to help me, but we couldn't figure out a way to make him open his mouth. Finally he must have gotten annoyed at my practically crying laugh-sobs (does anyone else have a stupid reaction to stressful situations?) and my friend laughing and touching him on the face. I looked at my finger, afraid it was going to be broken, and there were two distinct donkey teeth marks/dents between my fingernail and first knuckle, but luckily the skin wasn't broken. There wasn't even a zoo keeper to tell, so after calming down a little bit, and washing donkey spit off of my hands, we left the petting zoo area.

You're in luck, because one of my friends, rather than help remove my finger from the evil donkey's mouth, took a picture of the whole ordeal. It is also important to mention that my best friend, who is laughing in the picture, is now an equine veterinarian - so hopefully she now knows some trick to get a horse or donkey to unclamp it's jaws.

Without further adieu:

You're welcome.
 A couple things:
1. I really had remembered this donkey being full-size, I'm just now realizing/remembering that it was a miniature donkey.
2. Can you see the look of sheer panic on my face?
3. I distinctly remember A. telling me not to get attacked by any of the zoo animals when I told him my plans for the day.

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