Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Invitation Ornament take two

A few months ago I shared my "DIY Disaster Averted" when I had to make do with craft supplies I wouldn't have preferred. Well, I'm glad (and shocked) to say that since July, Michael's has actually put out their Christmas supplies and I was able to stock up on the proper supplies for making a few more wedding invitation ornaments. At the rate our family and friends are getting engaged these days, I should probably buy in bulk if I plan to keep making these!

Here are instructions for the proper invitation ornament:

Step One.
Gather necessary materials. You'll need:
-Invitation and a few pieces of cardstock paper in colors which compliment the invitation (or, you can use any other paper that may have some in the invitation - for another one I made, I used the outer envelope because it matched perfectly.) I guess I should also include that you might want to take a picture or make a copy of the invitation if you need the information on it!
-Clear plastic ball ornament from Michael's - I've used smaller and larger balls - depends how much paper we're dealing with.
-Ribbon or other tie-on decoration for the top of the ornament - I've used ribbon that was included with the invitation, baker's twine, anything I can find.
-Paper cutter (you could use scissors in a pinch, but I love the straight, clean lines my Fiskars paper cutter gives me)
-Pencil or skinny paintbrush for curling pieces and poking around in the ornament.

Step Two.
Shred/cut invitation into slices. They don't all have to be the same size. Make sure you don't cut through the middle of any lines of text, the point is to be able to see their names, wedding date, location, etc.

Step Three.
Using the paintbrush or pencil, slightly curl the shredded invitation. You want the shreds to sort of "hug" the inside of the ornament.

Step Four.
Start putting the shreds into the ornament. Try to get the names/date etc. to be visible. You can always play with this a little bit at the end using your finger or the tip of the paintbrush.

Step Five.
Make curlicues with the accent paper and insert. I added a few more curlicues after taking the picture, but this gives you the right idea.

Step Six.
Put top on ornament and tie on ribbon or any other decoration.

Voila! I'm much happier with this version than the papier mache version from earlier this summer!

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