Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Little things on a Tuesday

1. There is almost nothing more horrific than stumbling upon your blog/Live Journal from high school and early college years. Deleted that shizz. Some people might say they'd like to have it to remind them of where they were at that time...I say hell no...I was pretty angst-y and had a flair for posting late at night.

2. I'm still in the habit of checking the weather in Houston, and on days like today I'm so glad that we get to enjoy "real fall." In our little Houston suburb today it's 86 but with the humidity it feels like 112. Sheesh!

3. Less than 24 hours from placing an online order to the UPS guy delivering is pretty sweet (with free standard shipping.) Thanks New York & Co.!

4. We've been binge watching the West Wing on Netflix. Still not sure why I didn't watch this the first time around. I did get occasional Josh (Bradley Whitford) sightings at my next door neighbor's...he's her brother.

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