Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Well played, Whole Foods!

I've never been much of a Whole Food shopper. Sure, I've enjoyed their salad bar and hot buffet for lunch a few times (and wept silently on the inside when they weighed it at checkout and I realized I'd spent almost $20 on a salad and a few bites of hot food), but in general, I don't frequent it. That might have to change after last night! The Whole Foods in Charlotte is pretty new, and has some amenities I've never seen at other Whole Foods...for instance their wine loft - complete with a self-serve wine "vending machine" for lack of a better word. You buy a card at the bar downstairs and then have your choice of 24 different wines - in three different pour sizes; a taste, 3 oz, or 5 oz. What's better is that it's all half off on Tuesdays, so "tastes" were anywhere from 40 to 90 cents and glasses were not much more. The most "expensive" 5 oz glass I think was $4. Needless to say, the wine loft was busy, but I went with a large group and we pulled up chairs and ottomans as we could. I can definitely see grabbing something for dinner downstairs (and using a little more self control than my previous Whole Foods salad bar experiences) and enjoying dinner up in the wine loft. They also have cheese boards you can purchase and they'll bring up to you. I'll be back for sure, there's lots more wine to be sampled!
One of the three Enomatic wine dispensing machines.

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