Friday, November 22, 2013

Accidentally Target Themed Five on Friday

 Eek, I'm wayyyy late to the Five on Friday link up today!

 1. Island Moonlight Candle from Target - awhile back I wrote about the Capri Volcano (the Anthropologie candle) and how good it smells. Well, Target's got a knock-off and it's currently burning in our apartment. Target's version is larger AND half the price - like I needed one more reason to love Target?
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2. Okay, one more reason I love v-neck/basic tees. These are becoming a staple in my wardrobe - I seem to pick up one or two more every time I go to Target.

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3. Eek, maybe this should just be a Target list - their Archer Farms Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate has been a delicious after dinner treat a few nights this week.

4. Haven't talked a whole lot about our house journey here on the blog, so here goes - we're building a house! We finally had our pre-construction meeting this week and bulldozers are (were?) rolling around on our dirt to level everything out today. Construction day #1.

5. Essie Bahama Mama - not a strictly fall color, but I'm loving it (can you guess where I picked this one up?!?)

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  1. You can also find candles with something similar to the Volcano fragrance at Its the Caldera fragrance!