Friday, November 8, 2013

Five on Friday: Birthday Edition!

My birthday is this weekend, so today's 5 on Friday will be semi-birthday themed!

1. Weekend of Food!
I'm using my birthday as an excuse to indulge in many of the restaurants we've been meaning to try but haven't been yet. We're planning to have dinner at Good Food on Montford  and brunch at Bricktops. We also enjoyed the Thursday Night Date Night menu at Mama Ricotta's last night - if you're in Charlotte you should check it out (3 courses and a bottle of wine!)

2. I've had quite the pile of packages and cards coming in the past few weeks and I'm being very adult and not even taking them out of their boxes and envelopes until Saturday. It's wonderful to feel loved even though we're far away from many of our friends and all of our family.

3. I'm a sucker for a good chocolate cake, but the past few years we've gotten all of our birthday cupcakes at Gigi's Cupcakes. I was happy to find one in Charlotte too, and plan to make a visit there today or tomorrow to pick up a few cupcakes in honor of being one year older.

4. Diamond Dazzle Stick and Jewelry Wipes by Connoisseurs. Some of my jewelry was looking pretty dingy with little scratches and just not as brilliant as I'd like, so I picked up the diamond dazzle stick and a box of dry jewelry wipes at Target last weekend and got to work. I was super impressed (and kind of grossed out) by how well they both worked. The wipe was left with dark smudges and my engagement ring was looking sparklier than it had in quite a while. I think both of these products would make a great present for a newly engaged friend. You can get them at Target or Amazon.
Diamond Dazzle Stick
Jewelry Wipes - could only find them in bulk on Amazon, I paid about 5-6 bucks at Target for one box of 25.
5. Birthday coupon emails. Nothing like a birthday coupon to make you spend money you wouldn't otherwise. But, they "remembered" my birthdayyyy!

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