Thursday, November 21, 2013

Picket Fences and Snow.

I'm holding out on putting the fall decorations away until we get back from our Thanksgiving trip to Philly...but it's getting hard to do! So much great holiday inspiration on blogs, Pinterest and at every store! I'm a strict no-Christmas-decorations-until-after-Thanksgiving person, what can I say? We did go looking for appliances at Home Depot last weekend and spent a few minutes in the lights and ornaments section, but didn't buy anything! I'm looking forward to a fun afternoon at a tree farm sipping hot cocoa and picking a little tree for our apartment in December.

I've been complaining about the chilly weather the past week or so, but at least it helps it feel like the right season. In our little suburb in Texas, they held an annual holiday festival the weekend before Thanksgiving to kick off the season, including an ice skating rink, inflatables, fireworks, international performances, fried foods on a stick and our personal favorite (to watch) a small patch of mandmade snow surrounded by a 30x30ish picket fence. Most of the kids had never seen snow in person before, it "snows" about once every 4 years in the Houston area. It wasn't uncommon to see a long line of kids and their camera-toting parents waiting for their few minutes in the snow (which cost several tickets.) Of course they were usually in shorts and t-shirts, because it was usually about 80 degrees the weekend of the festival. In honor of the festival being this coming weekend, I thought I'd share some of my favorite pictures from a past International Winter on the Waterway/Lighting of the Doves Festival. I think this was the year I won $50 worth of tickets which we spent on fried oreos, beer, and other various concessions. No, we didn't go in the snow!

Can you see Santa camping out in the Sheriff's SUV? 

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