Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Quick trip to Atlanta

We've been without internet for the past few days and it amazed me how reliant I've (and I suspect many other people) have become on it! I found myself opening my computer and then realizing again and again that it wasn't going to work! Anyway, we're back online now and I'm catching up on reading a few days of blog posts.

A. was out of town all week last week, which was his longest trip to date. He got home around 9:30 on Friday night, big bag of Chinese takeout in tow. He had to be in Atlanta first thing Monday morning for a day-long training session with the office down there, and he asked me to come along. Normally I don't travel with him, but he seemed like he really wanted me to, so after a quick change of hotel reservations (he had a hotel booked southwest of the city, with nothing for me to do during the day) and we were off! We stayed in the Centennial Olympic Park area, which was really nice because there was a lot to do within walking distance. We stopped at the Ballard Designs Backroom/Outlet in Atlanta and then headed to our hotel. We arrived around dinnertime and took a quick walk through the park to Benihana, passing a huge line of America's Got Talent hopefuls at the convention center on the way. Benihana is not a hopping place on Sunday night, which was kind of nice. After dinner we headed back to the hotel and relaxed and enjoyed this view:

Monday morning I had to get up around 6:00 and get dressed and put my face on so that A. could put our bag in the car so I wouldn't have to carry it around all day. I ended up stuffing my pj pants in my purse because I was NOT ready to get up for the day at 6:00. I slept another 2 hours and then enjoyed breakfast in the hotel restaurant before checking out.

The World of Coke is located right off the park, so I walked over there to do some solo touristy stuff. I was actually really impressed, I'd read some reviews that it was gimmicky, and all a big commercial, but it's a "museum"/attraction completely dedicated to Coca-Cola products, so what do you expect? You start off by watching some cheesy movies, and then get to learn a lot about the history and growth of Coke. They have a whole room dedicated to rumors about the Coke formula. After that you walk through a slowed-down bottling room, where they explain the whole production/bottling process. Next you head upstairs where there's a 4D movie about Coke, a little pop art museum room, some commercial clips from around the world, and finally, the most exciting part for all the kids - the Tasting Room. They have soda fountains set up by continent around a large room, with 60+ sodas to taste test. I definitely did not taste all 60, but it was really fun to see what sorts of off the wall flavors they have in other parts of the world. In the Asia section they had a vegetable soda (I was too chicken to try it), in the Africa section a "pine nut" soda, which turned out to be pineapple flavored, and of course, in the Europe section, the infamous Beverly soda from Italy. At the beginning of the tour they made sure to tell everyone to try Beverly - it is the most talked about flavor they have. It is disgusting! At first taste it's just lemon-y, but there's a really bitter and strong aftertaste that just keeps building in your mouth. Blech. I don't even think they make Beverly anymore, but they keep it at World of Coke because it has such a buzz about it.

A Peruvian Cream Soda that my mom always used to talk about.

After the tasting room, you get to pick out a freshly bottled 8 oz. glass bottle of Coke before heading into the gift shop and exiting the museum. It was pretty neat to get a bottle that had been produced and bottled that day.

Anyway, I recommend the World of Coke if you find yourself in the area with a few hours to spare.
I also enjoyed a solo lunch at Legal Sea Foods and a few hours reading in the park - it was a beautiful day! It was a fun last minute "getaway."

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