Friday, December 6, 2013

December 6th Five on Friday

Linking up for Five on Friday!

1. Hubby making gingerbread 
During my most recent trip to Trader Joe's I picked up a box of their gingerbread mix, without a real plan on when to make it. The other night, A. took it upon himself to make it. I honestly can't remember another time that he's baked (and neither can he!) I've already put it on my list for my next TJ's trip, before it's gone for the year.

2. Polar Seltzer
When I moved south after college, I was dismayed to find a serious lack of flavored sparkling/seltzer water. The only stuff I could find consistently in Texas (and North Carolina) were the artificially sweetened fruit waters, and those were NOT what I was looking for. Eventually my grocery store in TX started stocking a bunch of the La Croix waters and even a store brand, but only a few flavors here and there. North Carolina didn't seem to offer much more, but a recently I found my absolute favorite seltzer, Polar Seltzer, at Earth Fare. Polar is headquartered in the city I went to college in, and I could always find any flavor I was looking for, and cheap! They don't offer the full array of flavors here, but my water intake has increased dramatically (anyone else find it harder to drink as much water as you're supposed to when it's not blazing hot outside?) since finding it. For the record, my absolute favorite flavor is Blueberry, and I've never met anyone else who likes it like I do.

3. Chromecast
A. and I volunteered to be the guinea pigs for the new Chromecast after talking about it with my dad over Thanksgiving. It arrived the other day and we're just starting to take advantage of it. The part I'm most excited about it being able to stream our Netflix queue on the TV in our bedroom (silly, but true, previously we'd been confined to the living room and there have been many times where I've wanted to watch some crappy movie or watch "just one more" episode of a bingewatch TV show after getting ready for bed.)

4. Cooking challenge
There's no way around it, this time of year is expensive. Between a ton of travel, buying gifts, and all the other things that come with the holidays, I'm sure we all start to feel the pinch. We're making a goal to cook as many meals at home as possible the rest of this month. We have some holiday parties to go to, so that'll break it up a little bit, but it's amazing how much money you can save by eating in a few extra times a month. But, I'm bored of the recipes we make all the time, so I've been pinning and reading lots of my favorite food blogs for some new ideas. I've built up a good list and can't wait to start trying some new recipes out. This weekend I'm trying my hand at Cioppino, in hopes of perfecting it one day. Even though it pains me to pay so much for seafood at the store, I know we'd spend a lot more on the same dishes at a restaurant, which makes it a bit easier to stomach.

5. A last hurrah at warm weather?
I know we're 2 weeks away from the official start of winter, but I am not complaining about the warm weather today. As much as wintry weather and chilly nights tempt me to curl up and get cozy in front of our tree, I'm looking forward to a warm evening outside tonight.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I need to get my hubby to bake!! He can cook but I don't think I've ever seen him attempt to bake- also, good call on the cooking challenge- we are trying to do the same!

    1. I could hardly believe it myself! He did it totally unprovoked.