Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Favorite Ornaments

I've been really enjoying seeing other bloggers' holiday decorations and ornaments, so I thought I'd join in today, too! These are just a few of my favorites. My in-laws got us a bunch of ornaments the past few years and gave us a box of A's ornaments from childhood...I put some of them on the tree but not all because we got a pretty small tree and it would be completely baseball themed if I'd put them all up. All of the ones I'm sharing today though are ornaments that A. and I got together or have a special meaning for us.

The first one is our wedding invitation "suite" cut into strips and put into a clear plastic ball. I've been making these for all of the weddings we've been attending for the past year or so.

This next ornament is a big nod to our time in TX. We got this one of our first year's there at a store in the local mall called "Y'all Texas Store." That store came in handy for stocking up on fun gifts for our families, too.

This one we picked up on our spur of the moment weekend trip to Gatlinburg in September. We got it at a Christmas store in the Arts & Crafts Village outside of town. There was a man dressed as Santa who asked if we've been good and it made me feel so awkward we had to leave pretty much immediately...but not before finding this cute little guy. Gatlinburg had wood carved black bears everywhere, so as soon as I spotted him, I knew it was perfect.

Next up is an ornament we picked up in St. Maarten, one of the islands we visited on our honeymoon.

I gave this ornament away this past weekend at my Meetup group's Ugly Sweater Party & White Elephant gift exchange. I DIYed it last week; painting a sunset scene and (abstractly) the Uptown Charlotte skyline on a papier mache ornament from Michael's. Then I added gold glitter glue, because what ornament isn't better with a little bit of bling? It's by no means perfect, but I was happy with it and it was one of the gifts that was stolen at the gift exchange.

Almost there, promise! Here's our tree topper - I love it! We picked it up last year on clearance at Target after Christmas. Growing up, we always had Moravian stars hanging up at Christmas and this topper reminded me of them.

And finally, a shot of the whole tree. We definitely need a better tree stand and a tree skirt. Hoping that Target's after Christmas sales will come through for me again this year.

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