Sunday, December 1, 2013

PA Trip

We got back late yesterday evening from our Thanksgiving trip to PA. As I mentioned last week we spent one night and day in D.C. and then the rest of the week in Philadelphia. When we go back to Philadelphia, we end up splitting our time between my family and A's, as they only live a few miles apart. It also means that we're go, go go most of the time that we're there.

I got to see a bunch of my girlfriends from high school, two of whom are recently engaged (one as recently as Tuesday night!) We visited the same brewery in my parents' neighborhood a few times through the week to catch up with different groups of people as they came into town. We have TONS of weddings in 2014, a planner just became item #1 on my Christmas list.

We also got to love on lots of babies, my cousin had a baby girl in July, and we spent a bunch of time with our almost three year old nephew throughout the week.

I think I also mentioned that we were continuing my family's tradition of a combined birthday dinner during the week of Thanksgiving. Last year we went Latin, this year we went BYOB Chinese. We ate at a well-known Chinese restaurant in Philadelphia, called Han Dynasty. Everything is family style and a lot of it is REALLY spicy, Szechuan style. We knew this going in, so we picked most of our dishes off of the lower end of the spice spectrum (there are little red numbers from 1-10 next to most of the dishes.) We ordered three starters - dumplings in chili oil, cold sesame noodles, and dan dan noodles (perfectly spicy noodles with ground pork.) For entrees we ordered ginger shredded duck, pork with garlic sauce, three cup chicken and salt & pepper shrimp. Everything was delicious. My dad literally drank the sauce from the bottom of the three cup chicken serving bowl.

As for our Thanksgiving festivities, we had two Thanksgiving dinners on Thursday, one in the early afternoon with A's family and one around dinner time with my family. On Wednesday I made our centerpiece, made pies with my mom and prepped a baked pumpkin french toast to go into the oven first thing on Thursday morning. The french toast was a big hit and I'm already thinking about what we could prep on Christmas Eve to enjoy on Christmas morning.

 I'll be back tomorrow with some menu planning for the week. Are you tired of turkey, or still looking for creative ways to use up leftovers?

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