Monday, December 2, 2013

Weekend Recap and Meals for the Week

We spent most of Saturday in the car making our way through Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia and on to Charlotte. After getting home we made a quick and easy dinner from the pantry and caught up on some shows we missed with all the excitement of last week. We slept in a bit on Sunday morning and then headed out to do errands - grocery shopping, a trip to Target, and to the King's Drive Farmer's Market which currently houses the Darrell Simpson Tree lot. We found a great little tree and brought it home. Unfortunately we need to go back to Target to get at least another string of lights because it's a little bit plusher than we were expecting to get. We spent the rest of the evening unpacking some of our other Christmas decorations and some of the wedding gifts we were able to bring back from our parents' houses this trip (in hindsight, having our registry gifts shipped to Philadelphia was kind of silly, but we knew we'd be moving in the not-so-distant future and didn't have much room in our apartment in Texas.)

Menu for the week
-King Ranch Chicken and salad - I was introduced to King Ranch Chicken Casserole when I moved to Texas, and I have a half package of corn tortillas left over from something else. I'm hoping to lighten up the original recipe a little bit.

-Italian Zucchini Boats with salad and garlic bread - these Skinnytaste zucchini boats show up on tons of blogs and Pinterest boards I follow, but I've never actually made them before, so I'm excited to give them a shot this week.

-Hawaiian Chicken with Vegetable Kabobs and Coconut Rice - another Pinterest find.

-Hash Brown Casserole and salad - this is actually a test recipe for Christmas morning, I think of Christmas when I think of ham, and diced red and green peppers would make for a festive casserole.

Today I'm scouring the Cyber Monday sales, but so far haven't found anything much more impressive than what they had over the weekend...maybe I'm looking in all the wrong places?

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