Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Winter Bucket List

With Thanksgiving behind us, we're full swing into the holiday season. Thanksgiving being so late this year has really thrown me for a loop - we only have three weekends left before Christmas (and one of them will probably be spent traveling!) So, I made the following list of wintry/Christmas things I want to do so I can try to jam pack them into the little time we have between now and the 25th!

 We've already started working on some of these items:

-On Sunday afternoon we got our first "real" tree. We've had a tiny (2 ft) tree the past two years, one I received at a White Elephant at work and the other we picked up at Lowe's, so getting a real tree and decorating it with the ornaments we've been collecting for the past several years was high on the list this year. Our apartment smells deliciously pine-y, just don't look at the bottom of the tree, we need a tree skirt and currently have magazines keeping the tree stand level on the floor.

-Send holiday cards - these are a work in progress thanks to a Groupon a while back, but they probably won't go out until a week or so before Christmas, luckily the design I picked is more of a Season's Greetings/New Year card, so hopefully no one will care!

-A White Elephant party with my wonderful Meetup group should take care of the ugly sweater list item. I found my old standby hideous Christmas vest that I got in 2009 while I was in Philly this past week and packed it.

-I'm making plans to go to the holiday afternoon tea at the Ritz Carlton in Uptown Charlotte, and hit some of the other Uptown spots at the same time, so I could probably check off several of these items in one afternoon.

I think I'm doing almost all of my shopping online this year - so shopping didn't make the winter bucket list. What are you doing to get ready for the holidays?

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