Thursday, January 9, 2014

Eccentricities for a Thursday.

It's been a while since I've shared some fun personal facts with you. I'm not sure that these are going to be Earth shattering, they're just some fun facts.

- I'm probably the last person on Earth who uses the Caps Lock key...not sure why, I've just always used it and can't seem to break the habit. I've read that eventually the Caps Lock key will be phased out and I'm not sure what I'll do! I wonder why it's not like texting where it automatically capitalizes after a period.

-No, I don't want to join you on your cleanse or detox. True/False, when you hear about a cleanse/detox you automatically assume that means crapping your pants? True? Yeah, me too.

-I am not a museum person. I feel like the worst kind of person when I'm trapped in a museum. I get that the art is really historically significant etc, and I'm happy to take a quick peek at it, but I have no interest in spending hours at a museum thinking about the importance of a cast shadow. Therefore, I'm better suited for "museums" designed for small children. For instance, I loved my experience at Coca-Cola World in Atlanta because there was tons of stuff for me to do. Same with the Bacardi Factory in San Juan, Puerto Rico and most science museums (especially if there's something in "4D")

-I think this one is totally normal but maybe to an extreme. I am forever worried that I've left my straightener and/or the iron on. I never actually have, but the worry still plagues me halfway through my drive to wherever I'm going. I used to call A. on the phone when I left before him to make sure to check it. This tells me I should really get a straightener with an auto-off feature...or be less distracted when I turn it off.

-Like many people I'm super afraid of snakes...but the best part is that I made such a convincing argument to my brother about why they are terrifying that he is also now deathly afraid of them, too.

-I hate margaritas. It used to make me so sad to go out for Tex Mex and everyone else was enjoying margaritas of all types - frozen, rocks, swirl, you name it. I have TRIED but just can't do it. I also hate tequila, especially gold tequila, so the combination of tequila and sour/sweet margarita mix is just a no-go for me.

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