Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Pre-Drywall Walk Through

We recently had our pre-drywall walk through at our construction site. This was the first time we got to set foot "in" our house. Suddenly it is feeling very real! Our townhome is an end unit, but the layout is flipped from the model because we're on the opposite end, which has made imagining our house hard to do - I kept imagining it looking just like the model. Now that we've been in our actual house, I'm having a much easier time imagining our stuff in there, and of course it has sent me on another "pinning" spree for inspiration.

Here are a few pictures:
View from garage entry into the kitchen.

Garage out to the street. My brother asked if the garage is crooked, so it's worth noting that the scaffolding is crooked (and maybe my camera), but our house is NOT leaning.
Living room looking into the kitchen.
Looking down the entry hall to the room we'll use as an office.
Up the stairs.
Living room/fireplace
Sunroom and muddy "backyard."

Front (side) door and entry hallway.
We've been taking pictures of the outside every week, so it was amazing to see what they've been up to inside.

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