Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Superbowl Food

A few years ago I decided it would be fun to change up the standard Superbowl chili/queso/wing/pizza menu and make dishes inspired by the teams that were playing in the game. That way, even if I don't care about the teams playing (I usually don't), I still get excited during the playoffs and weeks leading up to "the big game" trying to plan our game day menu. Of course it changes depending on if we're watching at home or attending a party. After hearing that Denver and Seattle were playing, I hopped on Google to check out famous foods from each city. Apparently I wasn't the first one with this idea - lots of people were joking that the perfect food to represent both cities (in light of recent legislation) would be pot brownies. I ended up expanding it to include regional foods because I didn't find too much in the way of specifically Denver food.

Here's are some of the possibilities:
-Smoked Salmon & Scallion Dip
-Colorado Green Chili (I know I said I wanted to change it up, but this chili has pork and isn't your standard)
-Coffee-rubbed Bison sliders (love that this combines both cities - coffee for Seattle and bison/game for Denver/Colorado)
-Mini Cherry Pies - doubt I can find Rainier cherries at this time of year but we'll just stretch our imagination and use good old fashioned canned.
-Colorado Cowboy Cookies

Of course we'll also have chips etc, but especially in light of the Velveeta shortage(!!), it's nice to have some fresh new ideas to try out.

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