Wednesday, February 5, 2014

House Inspiration Boards

The thought of more than doubling our living space 3 weeks from TODAY is simultaneously exciting and daunting! I've been mentally filling our space since even before we started the building process, so to see it all coming together is a dream come true. Here are some inspiration boards I've been working up on PicMonkey for a few of our rooms, including some items we already own or have ordered, and others that are just inspiration that tie a room together:

Living Room 
We have a light tan leather couch and loveseat which will be the main furniture in our living room.

1. The rug is from Rugs USA and bought online over the summer during a blowout sale. We got really lucky that it was exactly the color we wanted, sometimes screen color does not equal real life.

2. The media chest is from World Market, part of their Madera collection. We picked it up along with a coffee table (4.) and two end tables (not shown) this past weekend during the last day of their furniture sale. My World Market Explorer membership got us an extra 15% off.

3.  I love these throw pillows, also from World Market. They are a really close match to the rug. Now we just need to find a few more pillows in another accent color.

4. The matching Madera coffee table. Right now my car is filled with cardboard boxes, as the Madera collection requires a little bit of assembly.

5. This is a dried flower arrangement that I pinned awhile ago, I'm on the lookout for some decorative accents for our coffee table and mantle.

Master Bedroom

1. This is our new bedroom set (not the bedding) which will be delivered once we move.

2. We got this bedding over a year ago on clearance from West Elm - ours is an earlier version and doesn't have quite so many flowers.

3. Got this birch print for about 75% off retail on Joss & Main in January.

4. Starting to research curtains but probably won't get anything for awhile - first I'm researching paint colors.

5. We got 3 of these prints (different flowers) for Christmas two years ago and they currently hang in our bedroom.

6. My parents got our wedding certificate matted and framed at their local frame shop for Christmas 2012. It will either hang in our living room or bedroom (which is where we have it now.)

Guest Bedroom
When our new bedroom set is delivered we'll be moving our current set into the guest bedroom. For the past few years our guest bed has just been a queen size mattress and box spring on the freebie/cheapy metal frame from the mattress store, and we've always used our second bedrooms as a combination guest room/office, so I can't wait to have a more pulled together looking room for our overnight guests.
1. Just ordered these shams and duvet cover from West Elm, once again taking advantage of a clearance bedding sale.
2. I keep imagining "spice" or slightly redder sheets for this room. So, I'm on the hunt for the perfect sheet set.
3. This is similar to a piece of art we already have, with wrought iron in a cherry-ish wood frame. Another piece of art I'm planning to hand in this room is a framed water color painting that my grandfather did.
4. Just a thought for the curtains.

I keep going back and forth on what I want to do with our sunroom. I'd love for it to be a cozy nook filled with plants and perfect for curling up with a book. I can't wait for our view of the sky in the evening, we're on the end and have windows along the west side of the house, so we should get some pretty sunset views (until we get neighbors.) Anyway, this room is clearly the least well thought out at this point. I have grand plans to make a custom piece of furniture using our cake stand wood slab from our wedding.

I guess you could say I have a thing for purple and green. It started well before our wedding but those were definitely the colors that dominated our decor and have slowly been taking over our living space. When I moved in with my husband (then boyfriend) he had a lot of red and black stuff (both his college AND company colors), but it seems to have faded out over the past 4.5 years. I'm very aware that I need to be careful or else we'll end up like Marie and Hank from Breaking Bad, whose entire house was shades of purple (okay, maybe not THAT extreme, but I'm nervous about it.)

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