Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow Days

Growing up in the Northeast, we were no strangers to snow. Since moving to the South five years ago, we haven't seen much snow though. It's been just long enough to bring back the wonder and excitement in snow. For me anyway. It also helps that our apartment complex has a parking garage and we don't have to shovel. Nothing ruins a magical snowy day like having to scrape your car off.

On Wednesday we walked around the neighborhood until we found a restaurant open for lunch, then came home and watched the snow fall throughout the afternoon.

I wasn't expecting Thursday's snow to last as long as it did, or amount to as much as it did. When it was finally over and done with I took another little stroll through the neighborhood, running into people carrying the necessities (beer not milk) and enjoying the quiet of no cars whizzing past on our slightly hilly street. Then the sun came out and the blue sky peeked through and I headed up to our rooftop terrace.
So quiet!

I loved finding this little snow man (about 6 inches tall) on the roof. Against the Charlotte skyline he holds his own though, right? All about perspective. I'm soaking in the last few weeks of having this view.

Now that it's over I feel like I'm done with snow for awhile, so hopefully that'll be it! Hoping the warmer temperatures coming our way (high 60s and 70s early next week!) will make it disappear before it reaches that ugly gray slush I remember from my childhood.

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