Friday, January 2, 2015

Five Things in 'Fifteen

Happy New Year! I thought it would be fun to list five things I'm looking forward to this new year! I'm linking up (for the first time in forever!) with the Five on Friday crew.

1) House projects - when we closed on our townhome last February, I was afraid that we'd never get any projects done. My job at the time meant that downtime at home was at an all-time low, and A. was traveling what seemed to be non-stop. It took until a random summer weekend when we both woke up early without an alarm and ventured out to buy some paint. We've got some fun house projects planned, and it's hard not to go full-steam ahead now that we have a little bit more spare time. I'm really excited to share them with y'all, after all that's why Dream It Yourself came about in the first place.

2) Travel - we've already got several mini-trips planned for the next few months; a long weekend in Puerto Rico, a weekend in Charleston, and a visit to Philly to meet our new niece (due in a few weeks) and to celebrate our nephew's 4th birthday. I'm hoping that A. & I can find lots more excuses to take little getaways - and hopefully add a few places we've never visited before to the list! We haven't been on a real vacation since our honeymoon in 2012, so we'd also like to make that a priority this year.

3) Job - I'm looking forward to really settling into my new job that I started mid-November. I started at an exciting time for the organization, and I can't wait to keep shaping this "ball of clay." It's a huge relief to feel that way, because I spent most of this year feeling completely overwhelmed by my past job. I often described it like filling your cupped hands with water and watching it all pour through the tiny cracks in your fingers, no matter how hard you try to keep them together.

4) Cooking - I've been cooking up a storm, and can't wait to keep trying new recipes in the kitchen. I asked for (and received) a bunch of cookbooks for Christmas, and I'm having so much fun leafing through them to find recipes.

5) Continuing to explore Charlotte - we're not newbies anymore, but we've kind of settled into a rut and go to all the same places over and over again. So, I'm making a goal of visiting at least one new place (restaurant, museum, attraction) per month. We got a few gift cards to restaurants we've never been to in Charlotte, so that will force us to branch out a little bit!

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