Monday, March 30, 2015

Easter Audition

Last weekend we had an Easter meal audition. We're hosting my in-laws for a long weekend over Easter and I've been busy pinning and dog-earing recipes both on screen and in print. We knew we'd serving ham as the protein, but the rest was kind of up in the air.

I stumbled across a bourbon-peach ham glaze that we tested on a ham steak to try the flavor. This recipe only has three main ingredients: bourbon, peach preserves, and maple syrup, plus salt and pepper to taste. It was thick and delicious on the salty ham. This passed the test with flying colors.

I was perusing magazines while getting a pedicure a few weeks back (from a woman with the sharpest finger nails ever!) I found a recipe for Carrot Orzotto which intrigued me. It cuts down on some of the work of a traditional risotto by using orzo pasta, and incorporates spring flavors in the carrot juice and grated carrots and the goat cheese and mint garnish. This one didn't pass the test, it had potential, but we're looking for stars.

My grandmother made a killer au gratin potato casserole, but it was labor intensive, so we tried out this genius version that halves the time. We needed a little bit more liquid, so we'll adjust accordingly this weekend.

We also made a small batch of pineapple stuffing, which tasted like bread pudding and will be great with the ham.

Feeling weighed down by the carbs, yet? We'll probably fall back on green beans, as I feel like asparagus can go wrong too easily. We might do a side of coleslaw too, but this meal is starting to seem ridiculous for four people.

I'm planning to take the easy way out and buy dessert, like we did at Thanksgiving. Thinking it'll be carrot cake, but I'm having a hard time imagining where we'll find room for all of this food.

Are you hosting Easter dinner? What is your favorite holiday food?

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