Thursday, April 23, 2015

And She's Off to the Altar! Derby-themed Bridal Shower Inspiration

A couple of weeks ago I shared my at-home bridesmaid dress shopping experience. Today I'm excited to share some of the inspiration for my best friend's bridal shower/bachelorette weekend. She doesn't read the blog, so it's safe to share my ideas here!

You see, my best friend is a vet. She's dreamt of being a vet since kindergarten and she made it a reality a couple of years ago. She's not your household vet, she's an equine vet, working mostly in reproduction, but she's well versed in about every horse emergency that can happen...which means that I am too. I kid, I kid. She's getting married this summer, and when the bridesmaids started emailing about her bachelorette weekend, I knew that we had to work some sort of horse theme into the weekend. I pinned and searched and finally decided on a Kentucky Derby themed shower - classy but you can have a lot of tongue-in-cheek fun with the sayings like I did on these little cut outs I created:

Once they're printed, cut out, and put on dowels, I'm planning to attach some mini red roses to the signs to keep with the Derby theme.

Here are some other ideas I'm currently working with:

via - Polka Dot Chair
Precious horse necklaces - with red roses instead of pink and yellow flowers.

I'll probably also pick one of the sayings above and try my hand at a bridal sash...again with red roses.

I love a good decor challenge. I've already coordinated with the bride's sister that I'll make as much decor myself as I can and then mail her a big box of things I can't fly with before the bachelorette weekend. I did the same thing for our wedding and everything made it from Texas to my parents' house in Philadelphia relatively unscathed.

As for food, these horse cake pops are beyond darling...but probably not practical for a gathering I have to fly to. Instead I'll probably do the perfectly logical thing and make mini bourbon pecan pies.
via SparklingSweetShop on Etsy

Finger foods like miniature Kentucky Hot Browns, watermelon cubes with feta, and more are filling my secret Pinterest boards.

I've found some plastic mint julep cups that look enough like the real thing and easy on the budget.

The bachelorette weekend will be here before we know it - we've rented a huge house on a lake, with a suit of armor, and sits on the property where the potato chip was invented. Can't wait!

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