Monday, April 13, 2015

Bridesmaid Dress Shopping from the couch

I'm as big a fan of Amazon Prime as anyone. Recently I've started taking advantage of their free no-rush shipping which gets me a $1 credit towards Amazon Prime rentals, ebooks, mp3s etc. Enough about that, my point is, I love online shopping. So when I first heard about Kennedy Blue, a new-ish bridal and bridesmaid dress company, and their at-home try on program, my interest was piqued. Let me also add that this is NOT a sponsored post, I just thought I'd pass the word about this company because I've had a good experience so far. My best friend is getting married this summer and she's asked the bridesmaids to find a blush dress of our choosing...easy right? Not necessarily. Enter Kennedy Blue - they have tons of choices, a huge selection of colors, and you can have samples sent to your house to try on at home.

I ordered 3 to try on and about 10 days later they showed up in a box with a huge return envelope, information card, and complimentary measuring tape, as well as a few sample fabric swatches in blush to help me better picture what they would really look like. I have about 45 minutes to kill before we had to finish packing the car and heading to the airport for a quick weekend trip, so I got right to work. Once you're finished you just stick them back in the return envelope and drop them off at a post office, or in my case I put them with the outgoing mail at work.

The first dress was "Charlotte," a sleeveless, V-neck lace dress with a satin sash. The dress was beautiful and well made but was too heavy for an August outdoor wedding.

Next was "Lucy," a short chiffon sweetheart halter. Plus, this dress has side pockets. The crisscross on the bodice made for a nice, cinched waistline.

Finally was "Camilla," almost a happy medium in that the bodice is lace and the slightly above knee-length skirt is chiffon. There's a removable chiffon sash at the natural waistline.

I think I've made my choice, but I'm going to post all three to see what the general public thinks...remember, it's an outdoor wedding in August. I think I have a favorite, but it's one of those things where an outside opinion would be helpful! In the meantime I'm off to get a tan so I don't look naked in whichever dress I pick!

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  1. I like the third one the best! It is SO cute and looks really good on you! That company sounds awesome! You could have the ultimate dress up party with those dresses haha!