Wednesday, December 17, 2014

2014 Christmas Card

Who doesn't love a good Christmas card? This year I decided that we might as well give in to our (my) crazy cat lady-ness and feature dear Stella front and center...We had a few bloopers on the way, as you're prone to...Like any good Will Ferrell movie, my favorite part might just be the gag reel, so please enjoy:

After way too many tries, including several where my brother thought he was taking pictures but wasn't, we ended up with something usable, and after throwing some filters on it in PicMonkey we were good to go. Without further adieu,

Meowy Christmas to all!

I'm linking up with the Walk with me by Faith Christmas Card Carousel.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Life Lately

Hi! I truly can't believe that we've reached December.

The past 12 months have been something of a whirlwind. I feel like I was on a carousel that just kept speeding up and finally something had to give to get it to stop. Well, it stopped! At the end of October I accepted a job offer and started a new job in mid-November. So far, life is feeling much more balanced and all of the stress and craziness I was experiencing in my past role feels miles and miles away.

It's a little bit scary because I let myself get so busy and wrapped up in work that I only have very vague memories of the past several months. Days just melted together and I can't remember much besides working! Needless to say, everyone in my life is happy that I have made the job change, and I am too!

I spent my birthday weekend in Washington, D.C., hanging out with my brother. We ate all sorts of delicious food in D.C. and even made the trek to Annapolis and cracked open some crabs. Frontier Airlines now flies direct from Charlotte to Dulles for dirt cheap - we're talkin $92 all in. The only thing to be aware of is that Frontier charges for carry on bags. It ended up being cheaper to check my bag, but in the future I may challenge myself to pack for the weekend in a backpack because you still get one personal item for free. I actually think they're on to something...

Annapolis Harbor

We hosted my parents and brother at our house for Thanksgiving and everything came out darn near perfectly - even the pie I bought at the grocery store :) We've finally finished the leftovers from all the turkey re-incarnations we made after the Thanksgiving meal was over.

Tonight my big plans include hanging at home, with wine (the Black Box Cabernet is delicious! Highly suggest!), a fire in the fireplace, Candy Cane Joe Joe's, a cat who has taken up residence in a Trader Joe's grocery bag, and as many Christmas movies as I can cram in.

The next several weeks are looking pretty exciting, now that there's finally time to make plans. Over the Thanksgiving weekend we bought tickets for a January getaway to Puerto Rico, and cashed in some Hilton points for the hotel room, making it feel somewhat worth it that A. has spent a stupid number of nights in Hilton hotels this year. I'm kind of tempted to buy a Hilton Home comforter, both because I think they're comfortable but also because I think A. might feel more at home at a Hilton than at our house due to how much he's traveled this year.

Happy Friday, y'all!