About Me

Who: I'm Kiri. I'm a (late) twenty-something, been married to my semi high school sweetheart since July 2012, I love salty snacks of all types, cooking, arts & crafts, and any excuse for a theme party.

Where: My husband and I moved to Charlotte in June 2013. We spent the last ~4 years in the 'burbs outside Houston, TX, but we're both from Philly originally.I guess you can say I've embraced Southern culture, because the thought of scraping snow off my windshield makes me cringe.

What/Why: This blog came about as a place to document my DIY and arts & craft projects.  We're working on putting down some roots in NC and built a townhouse which we love. In the meantime, this is really a lifestyle blog about two transplants exploring our new-ish city.

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  1. Kiri! My name is Emily, I just moved to Charlotte as well in May 2013! I am so excited to follow along with all of your adventures!