Monday, December 14, 2015

Do-Good Gifts

Let's ignore the months-long absence and jump right in. Is there anything better than finding the PERFECT gift for someone and surprising them with it? Some years, though, the inspiration just doesn't come. Last Christmas was that year for me. I was having a hard time finding the perfect thing to round out my mom's Christmas list, so I started looking for donations that I could make in her name, and finally inspiration struck!

We donated the gift of several animals (or "shares" of animals) in our mom's name to Heifer International. While we could have just wrapped the certificate that was sent to acknowledge our donation, I had a little bit more fun coming up with 5 creative packages for the animals we selected.
Our family has a bit of a perverse sense of humor...I think this gift might have been the one I was most excited about. Chocolate covered raisins = goat poo.

These make great stocking stuffers, and extend your giving past the holidays. Since you can typically print an acknowledgement of your gift or send an e-card, these gifts are perfect last minute gifts if you're still struggling to come up with something after guaranteed holiday shipping windows close.